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You may be a wellness professional or you may be an interested and motivated individual, or like me, you may be both. All of us have dreams about our lives and what we can be. In ENJI Daily, you've found a resource that will help you live your dreams. They are possible!

I have always been fascinated about what keeps us from changing, even when we know what to do. Is there a process? What about motivation, willpower, environment, age, sex, nutrition, exercise, sleep? With so many variables to consider, it can be daunting, yet we all know stories of people who have made remarkable changes.

After struggling with my own health issues, and seeing them worsen over time, I decided to take my first step toward change - getting educated. I learned to ask questions, experiment, focus on the positive, have patience, and - as gracefully as possible - fall off the horse and get back on again. Even with a graduate degree in holistic nutrition and experience in adult learning, I came to know that change is still a challenge.

Question: What was missing?

Answer: Knowledge, inspiration, and tools that would enable me to actually change.

That's what ENJI Daily is all about. With articles written or recommended by leading experts, you will discover that you can trust ENJI Daily to provide you with solid, considered, well-researched information about wellness and how to change. From the latest research on diet and weight management, to delicious, healthy recipes, to exercise tips and tricks, to advice on dealing with stress - ENJI Daily brings you Expert News and Jewels of Inspiration to help you on your journey to realize your dreams.

I'll be with you as you check in every day - selecting the best stories of the day, highlighting trending topics, providing interviews with our community of experts, and sharing my own successes, struggles, recipes, and tips. There is so much information out there, and my job is to help you make sense of it all.

All of us aspire. Often we know what we need to do to accomplish our goals, but change still feels out of reach. The beautiful thing is - the first step is easy. Just start reading ENJI daily, gain essential knowledge, and learn how to implement that knowledge in your life! Visit us here, follow us on Twitter, and subscribe to our daily newsletter to get ENJI Daily in your inbox every day (coming soon!).

I wish you the very best in your personal change journey, and you have my support and encouragement. My journey continues, too, so we're in this together! I believe in the power of change, and the capability of our minds and bodies to adapt and embrace our dreams and health.

Cheers to you,
Danielle Hart
Editor in Chief
ENJI Daily