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Join the Battle for Net Neutrality

favicon Battle For The Net
Cable companies are famous for high prices and poor service. Several rank as the most hated companies in America. Now, they're attacking the Internet–their one competitor and our only refuge–with ...

Hold Onto Your Bins: Another Blizzard of Snowy Owls Could Be Coming

favicon Audubon
Four years ago, thousands of Snowy Owls stormed the northern United States, taking up posts in surroundings drastically different from the flat Arctic tundra over which they typically preside. Some ...

The Endlessly Adaptable Row House

favicon Urban Omnibus
About 2,500 years ago, Ionians in what is now western Turkey laid out the city of Priene with a grid of blocks 120 by 160 feet each. A standard residential ...

Frank Lloyd Wright Paved the Way for Bad Silicon Valley Housing Ideas

favicon Motherboard
Silicon Valley is going through an obvious housing crisis. The number of jobs being created annually in California’s tech hub exceeds the number of homes being built in the area,

60 years after Brown v. Board of Education, how racially balanced are America’s public schools?

favicon Brookings
It’s been more than 60 years since the Supreme Court, in Brown v. Board of Education, ruled “separate but equal” schools unconstitutional. In that time, school populations have diversified, thanks ...


favicon Harper's magazine
Miscellany — From the November 2017 issue Download Pdf Read Online

The Second Life of Sears's Massive Distribution Centers

favicon The Atlantic
The collapse of retail has left empty department stores scattered across the American landscape. It’s been especially hard for Sears, the once mighty retailer. But while the shells of the ...

Survey of leading architecture firms reveals "quite shocking" lack of gender diversity at senior levels

favicon Dezeen
Just three of the world's 100 biggest architecture firms are headed by women and only two have management teams that are more than 50 per cent female, a survey by ...

The Plot to Loot America’s Wilderness

favicon The Nation
One day in Mid-March, James Cason, the associate deputy secretary at the Department of the Interior, convened an impromptu meeting of the senior staff of the Bureau of Land Management.

On Being Midwestern

favicon The Hedgehog Review
After my Texas-born wife and I moved to Michigan—an eleven-hour drive in the snow, during which time itself seemed to widen and flatten with the terrain—I found myself pressed into ...

The Florida History at Risk of Washing Out to Sea

favicon CityLab
As the water level rises, more than 16,000 historic sites across Florida are at risk of being drowned by waves. In Miami-Dade County, researchers are working to keep history on ...

Amid a Transit Makeover, Fears of Getting Left Behind

favicon CityLab
Last year, Columbus, Ohio, won a $50 million grant for high-tech transportation innovation, with a promise to help its most vulnerable families. Now some worry their needs are fading into ...

$300 Billion War Beneath the Street: Fighting to Replace America’s Water Pipes

Corporations pay membership fees as high as $25,000 to gain access to some 1,500 mayors and local council members who have signed up for the initiative. At a July convention ...

The Mythical Whiteness of Trump Country

favicon Boston Review
J. D. Vance's Hillbilly Elegy has been held up as a guidebook for understanding the 2016 election, but his logic is rooted in an enduring and dangerous myth about race ...

The Big Data of Ice, Rocks, Soils, and Sediments

favicon Places Journal
How often do you think about the mediated space between the weather forecast and the reality of climate change? Behind the day-glo radar maps and adorably abstract sun and cloud ...

A Wide-Open Door for Pesticide Lobbyists at the Agriculture Department

favicon ProPublica
This story was co-published with The New York Times. At a private meeting in September, congressional aides asked Rebeckah Adcock, a top official at the Department of Agriculture, to reveal ...

The Bridge Wobbles. So Do You. That’s When the Trouble Starts.

A bouncy foot bridge is charming — until it isn’t. This was the case for Brooklyn’s Squibb Park Bridge in 2014, London’s Millennium Bridge in 2000 and a long list ...

Photographer Fred Lyon Is 93 and Still in Love With San Francisco

favicon KQED News
You might think that 93-year-old Fred Lyon, whose photographs have captured San Francisco for seven decades, spends most of his time indulging in nostalgia and recoiling at the changes that ...

The School Prepping for Apocalypse

Its popularity offers the provocative suggestion that the next generation of leaders requires not necessarily math or literature or history — though Green School teaches those too — but a ...

Can Carbon-Dioxide Removal Save the World?

favicon The New Yorker
Carbon Engineering, a company owned in part by Bill Gates, has its headquarters on a spit of land that juts into Howe Sound, an hour north of Vancouver. Until recently,

Bill Clinton: A Reckoning

favicon The Atlantic
The most remarkable thing about the current tide of sexual assault and harassment accusations is not their number. If every woman in America started talking about the things that happen ...

When New York City Was a (Literal) Battlefield

New York City is a battlefield. I know what you’re thinking — psychological warfare, the endless grim clashing of economic forces — but I am being literal. When we ponder ...

The High Line's Art Is Trying to Tell Us Something

favicon CityLab
New York City's elevated park boasts a seductive collection of public art, with a striking message about urban displacement. Visit the High Line this fall and you’ll see a bright ...

Starship Chicago

Between November 6 and November 12, 2017, MAS Context exclusively hosted the international digital premiere of Starship Chicago, a documentary by Nathan Eddy, which had its U.S. premiere during our ...

The Weird, Wooden Future of Skyscrapers

favicon The Atlantic
The first thing you notice when you walk into the office of Lever Architecture, in Portland, Oregon, is the smell: fresh, sweet, and vaguely Christmassy. That’s because Albina Yard, the ...

Lessons From Hurricane Harvey: Houston’s Struggle Is America’s Tale

HOUSTON — The mayhem that Hurricane Harvey unleashed on Houston didn’t only come from the sky. On the ground, it came sweeping in from the Katy Prairie some 30 miles ...

How To Grow Ginger Indoors

favicon Rodale's Organic Life
Related: Carrots: A Growing Guide Presprout This is the hardest part. Ginger takes its time getting started. To speed it along, create a terrarium using a takeout container with a ...

What Explains U.S. Mass Shootings? International Comparisons Suggest an Answer

Worldwide, Mr. Lankford found, a country’s rate of gun ownership correlated with the odds it would experience a mass shooting. This relationship held even when he excluded the United States,

Like The Oompa Loompa Do? Mobile Job Aids For Performance Support

favicon eLearning Industry
I happened to catch a rerun of Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory the other day, and as I was mindlessly watching one of the factory scenes with the Oompa ...

Free eLearning Books

favicon eLearning Industry
The hallmark of a successful eLearning professional is a constant thirst for knowledge, and always wanting to learn more about how and why learners acquire information. However, this constant pursuit ...

When A Small Town’s Private Prison Goes Bust

favicon The Marshall Project
Bob Thompson, the city coordinator of Appleton, Minnesota, had a bright idea in the spring of 1990. Thompson, a thin man now in his seventies who has the polite reserve ...

As cities become more innovative, they also become more unequal

favicon Quartz
There’s a reason Silicon Valley is notoriously unequal—and it’s not just a matter of misconception or misplaced blame. Between 1990 and 2010, the tech industry’s growth directly caused San Francisco ...

Are we having fun yet?

favicon Curbed
The sprinkles got to me first: After Boomerangs on banana swings, the second-most-popular ’gram from the Museum of Ice Cream seemed to be kid-buried-in-the-sprinkle-pit. When the museum premiered in New ...

Under the Banner of New York

favicon The New York Review of Books
Cities have routines. Within our ten-block radius the people come and go, not infrequently talking of Michelangelo—but also of the damn president, the damn Yankees, whether it’s a virus or ...

Infrastructural Tourism

favicon Places Journal
Communication infrastructure access; from Bundled, Buried & Behind Closed Doors, a documentary by Ben Mendelsohn. [Image: Ben Mendelsohn and Alex Chohlas-Wood, courtesy of Ben Mendelsohn] On a warm late summer ...

From Miami to Shanghai: 3C of warming will leave world cities underwater

favicon the Guardian
Hundreds of millions of urban dwellers around the world face their cities being inundated by rising seawaters if latest UN warnings that the world is on course for 3C of ...

Can Seattle rezone away the racial divide in housing?

favicon The Seattle Times
For generations, Seattle was segregated through racist neighborhood covenants, deed restrictions, even banking policies designed to keep certain minorities out of largely white enclaves. Yet nearly 50 years after the ...

Tyson Foods Linked to Largest Toxic Dead Zone in U.S. History

favicon EcoWatch
Food By Shana Gallagher What comes to mind when you think of Tyson Foods? A chicken nugget? A big red logo? How about the largest toxic dead zone in U.S.

How Climate Change Affects Cartography

favicon Atlas Obscura
The maps in National Geographic’s 10th edition of its Atlas of the World, released in 2014, were similar to those in 50 years’ worth of previous editions, from the familiar ...

'The Fear of Dying' Pervades Southern California's Oil-Polluted Enclaves

favicon Pacific Standard
In partnership with the Center for Public Integrity. In their worst moments, the victims' faces are blue. Their skin is cool and damp to the touch. They are starving for ...

How cities can fight climate change most effectively

favicon MIT News
What are the best ways for U.S. cities to combat climate change? A new study co-authored by an MIT professor indicates it will be easier for cities to reduce emissions ...

Everything You Need To Know About Heirloom Pumpkins—From A Pumpkin Professional

favicon Rodale's Organic Life
(On just a quarter-acre of land, you can produce fresh, organic food for a family of four—year-round. Rodale's The Backyard Homestead shows you how; get your copy today.) My "cucurbit ...

Best Chicken Breeds for Backyard Flocks

favicon Community Chickens
Choosing the best chicken breeds to raise begins with deciding which attributes are most important to you: egg production, meat production, temperament or other qualities. If you try a breed ...

The Normalization of Perpetual Disaster

favicon Kenn Orphan
In case you missed it… A hole the size of the Netherlands has opened in the middle of the Antarctic ice sheet. 40,000 penguins just perished of starvation on the ...

Trump Is Spoiling Our National Parks

favicon New Republic
On Tuesday, the National Park Service announced a proposal to sharply increase entry fees to 17 of America’s busiest and most iconic national parks. Starting next year, it would cost ...

‘Tiny House Hunters’ and the shrinking American dream

favicon Curbed
It all started with House Hunters, an HGTV franchise where couples, generally in terrible marriages, pretend to look for a new home even though to appear on the show, the ...

The Uninhabitable Village

Geeta Anand was a South Asia correspondent for The New York Times based in Mumbai. Vikram Singh is a video journalist based in New Delhi. Produced by Andrew Rossback, Margaret ...

A Designer Confronts Memory, Pain, and Slavery in Charleston

favicon CityLab
Landscape designer Walter Hood talks about his vision for the International African American Museum, which is scheduled to open in Charleston, South Carolina next year. When visiting Sullivan’s Island off ...

"Does architecture have a Harvey Weinstein hiding within its ranks?"

favicon Dezeen
Architecture has a culture of quietly condoning sexist behaviour, just like Hollywood, argues Anna Winston. "To be dangerous is to be artistically daring". In all the comment pieces I have ...

The Water Drain

favicon Same lake, unequal rates
Lake Michigan water rates have been surging throughout the Chicago region in recent years, squeezing low-income residents and leaving them with little, if any, recourse, a Tribune analysis shows. In ...

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