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2 weeks ago

This Gnarly Yoga Breathing Video Will Melt Your Mind

Have you heard of Nauli breathing? Allow superstar yogi and Alo Yoga ambassador Aubry Wiltcher to demonstrate (disclaimer: we may or may not have shrieked upon witnessing this amazing ab-tastic feat). A post shared by aubry wiltcher (@aubrymarie) on Apr 3, 2017 at 1:13pm PDT Nauli breathing is a yogic style of breath that allows you to "cleanse your internal organs" and activate the core — Aubry likes to do this for inversion stability (and clearly it's working for her — you should definitely peep her Instagram to see her phenomenal inversions). We have so many questions. First of all,
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12 Apr
Just wait until you see what yogi @_Aubry_marie can do with her abs...! https://t.co/OU4GFTYRwx