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Running and Yoga: The Perfect Pair

favicon Jill Conyers
The increased body awareness developed by practicing yoga helped me improve my running form and I developed a more efficient and faster stride. Jill asked me to share my thoughts ...

Vegan and Gluten-Free Recipe: Chocolate Cake

favicon VitaBlog
Toss your old recipes straight into the trash—there’s a new chocolate cake in town and it’s moist, rich and covered with cheesecake frosting and chocolate cookie crumbles. Are you salivating ...

Gluten Free Dessert Hamburgers #SundaySupper

favicon Gluten-Free Crumbley
18 Flares 0 18 Google+ 0 0 Email -- Made with Flare More Info'> 18 Flares Happy Sunday, and I hope y’all are having a good weekend so far!

Here’s Why It’s Way Harder for You to Lose Weight Than It Is for a Dude

favicon Women's Health
Granted, plenty of men do struggle to shed pounds. But even science shows that guys have got it easier. In one 2014 study published in the British Journal of Nutrition,

Nutrition News: BMI Risk; Water and Weight; Allergy-Causing Additive?

favicon Healthy Eats - Food Network's Healthy Eating Blog
Can water help you lose weight? One way to lower your BMI may be to drink more water. A new study, published in the Annals of Family Medicine, has found ...

Easy Gluten Free Homemade Pizza Bowls

favicon Cotter Crunch
Gluten Free Homemade Pizza Bowls! These Easy homemade Pizza Bowls are a super fun way to share and customize pizza. Just fill it with all your favorite gourmet pizza toppings!

Supermom Strong DVRT Workout Program!

favicon The Fit Foodie Mama
DVRT FitnessYOU GUYS! I have some really exciting news! Last week I made mention of a big project that I am working on and today is the day that I ...

Your Taxes Are Used Against You by Promoting Obesity and Disease

Loading Please Wait | 17,564 views Please or to continue. By Dr. Mercola Poor health is typically the result of a metabolically inappropriate diet. Many studies have confirmed that processed ...

Chinese Steamed Custard Buns [Vegan, Gluten-Free]

favicon One Green Planet
In Chinese cuisine, bao is a type of steamed bun that includes a variety of fillings. While there are countless of different fillings used for these types of buns, this ...

The surprising benefit you’ll get from a beach workout

favicon Well+Good
Jaws aside, the beach is a pretty perfect summer destination: You can soak up the sun (responsibly, of course), get those perfect tousled waves sans bottle, or enjoy a healthy ...

Could fruit and veg boost happiness?

favicon Reuters
(Reuters Health) - The reasons experts usually give for eating more fruit and vegetables tend to be about long-term health benefits, but piling on the produce may also improve wellbeing ...

How To Choose The Style of Yoga That Is Right For You

favicon Jill Conyers
When choosing a yoga style that is right for you think about and feel what your body and mind need on a given day. Maybe you’re looking for a hot ...

Gluten Free Garelu with Fresh Coconut Chutney

favicon Free Coconut Recipes
Servings: 10 Preparation Time: 30 minutes Garelu: 2 cups Black Gram (Urad Dal) 1 tablespoon freshly grated ginger 3 green chilis salt, to taste coconut oil, for frying Coconut Chutney: ...

Why Meat-Loving Omaha Is Crazy About These Vegan Hot Dogs

favicon MUNCHIES: Food by VICE
When you hear the word “Omaha,” you might think of the steak company. And you wouldn’t be wrong to do so—as the leading producer of red meat in the US,


favicon The Big Story
Most fitness trackers can measure a lot: steps taken, heart beats, sleep quality and workout performance. That's a lot of data, but are they useful? It depends on what you're ...

How I Fit Meditation Into My Life As A New Mom

favicon mindbodygreen
My kids were born 18 months apart. This meant many sleepless nights, which gave way to a general haze of exhaustion. I found myself with a shorter fuse and a ...

Blueberry Cobbler Cookie Dough Bites [vegan + gluten-free]

favicon Healthy Helper
Soft cookie dough bites with the taste of fresh blueberry cobbler! Bursting with sweetness, rich in antioxidants, and full of cookie dough deliciousness. Vegan, gluten-free, and no added sugar!Today is ...

15 Healthier, Vegan Versions of All Your Junk Food Favorites

favicon One Green Planet
Every year on July 21st, everyone gets to celebrate National Junk Food Day. This is a day dedicated to the foods we love to eat, even though those foods are ...

Body-mind meditation can boost attention and health, lower stress

favicon ScienceDaily
Science News from research organizations Date: Source: Texas Tech University Summary: Meditation has long been promoted as a way to feel more at peace. But research shows it can significantly ...

How Fitness Made Moving to a New City (Alone) Way Less Terrifying

favicon POPSUGAR Fitness
Moving is probably my least favorite activity. Growing up, my parents moved our family about 20 times — in the third grade alone, I went to three different schools, in ...

30 Healthy Ice Cream Recipes

favicon Nutrition Starring YOU
I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream! Not that we all need an excuse to enjoy ice cream, but July is National Ice Cream Month and I ...

More benefits to a high-fat Mediterranean diet

favicon CNN
A high-fat Mediterranean diet may protect against breast cancer, diabetes and heart disease "Healthy" fats are found in olive oil, eggs, nuts and fatty fish (CNN)Are you avoiding fats in ...

The 5 Life Stages of Happiness

Type a simple search into Google and you will bombarded by tips on how to be happy. You could spend weeks if not years reading all that advice on boosting ...

Vegan Yogurt Granola Tarts with Grilled Peaches

favicon Fearless Dining
Shares are appreciated!These vegan yogurt granola tarts with grilled peaches combine all of our favorite breakfast flavors in one easy dish. Our family loves breakfast, pretty much all breakfasts…this is ...

Top 5 Tips for New Yoga Teachers

favicon Jill Conyers
5 wonderful tips for new yoga teachers with the best being remind yourself of why you became a teacher and share that purpose with your students and the world.I’m a ...

Pokemon Go leading to a ‘population-level’ surge in fitness tracker step counts

favicon Washington Post
Until last week, MacKenzie Olsberg’s nightly commute home from her office in Chicago involved taking a train to a bus and walking a short distance to her home. Now, she ...

One-Pot Vegan Mac & Cheese

favicon Strength and Sunshine
Easy one-pot vegan mac & cheese that’s gluten-free, grain-free, and nut-free! The perfect quick, healthy, protein-packed dinner recipe, ready in less than 10 minutes, making it one weeknight family favorite ...

Mediterranean diet cuts risk of cancer, diabetes and heart disease

favicon Mail Online
Eating high-fat food can reduce the risk of breast cancer, diabetes and heart disease - as long as it is part of a healthy Mediterranean diet, experts claim. A review ...

What is a Nutritionist and How Can They Benefit You?

favicon Articles
A healthy diet can make a big difference in your life but what happens if you don’t know how to start? A nutritionist can help set you on the right ...

New evidence that mindfulness meditation reduces stress by altering brain connectivity

favicon PsyPost
Mindfulness meditation reduces stress by increasing brain connectivity between top-down executive control regions, according to a recent study published this July in Biological Psychiatry. Mindfulness meditation is a form of ...

Top 5 Fitness Trends for 2016

favicon Dumb Little Man
Towards the end of 2015, a number of predictions about fitness trends for 2016 came out. Some of them were outdated while some ideas really grabbed our attention. Let’s not ...

Mindfulness: An Essential Component to PCOS Management

favicon PCOS Nutrition Center
Let’s face it: People are more stressed than ever before and it’s not getting much better. We work hard, often times juggling more than we can handle. We care for ...

The Secret to Finding Happiness

favicon Psych
Two years ago the song of the summer was Pharrell Williams’ “Happy.” It seemed it was impossible to listen to it and not be, well, happy. In our never-ending quest ...

Want Happiness? Buy Experiences, Not More Stuff

favicon Big Think
Happiness can mean very different things to different people. How to achieve it is a lifelong question for most of us. Our religions and politics offer their own prescriptions. But ...

Raw Pistachio, Coconut, and Lime Cheesecakes [Vegan, Gluten-Free]

favicon One Green Planet
These raw cheesecake squares are simple to make but contain a delightfully complex flavor. The lime is citrusy sweet, the pistachio is salty, and the coconut adds a nice tropical ...

Doctor's Orders: Check the Weather Before Running Outside

favicon POPSUGAR Fitness
We love getting out to run and exercise in the sun; outdoor workouts are one of the best parts of Summer! That said, it's important to keep an eye on ...

This New Vegan Diet Has One Surprising Addition

favicon Organic Authority
To the list of alternative diets like flexitarian, paleo, and fruitarian, we can now add seagan. A seagan is a person who ascribes to a vegan diet, with one caveat ...

Healthy Dairy Free, Gluten Free Meal Plan

favicon Cotter Crunch
Many people suffer from food allergies or sensitivities these days. But creating a healthy dairy free and gluten free meal plan doesn’t have to be complicated. It can be easy ...

7 Wacky Wearables for Fitness

favicon iQ by Intel
The competition is on to make wearable tech worthwhile, from smart compression socks to brainy bras. Any tech-savvy active (or wannabe active) person knows it’s not enough to keep track ...

If Exercise Makes You Ecstatic, You're Going to Love These Quotes

favicon POPSUGAR Fitness
What’s Your Reaction? 0Reactions Jessie James Decker Reveals Post-Baby Body in Tiny Black and Orange Bikini 6 Minutes and 6 Moves Is All You Need For Gorgeous, Toned Arms Watch ...

The Ultimate KISS Workout Playlist

favicon Thrive Personal Fitness
Future of Fitness in Oxygen Magazine…check. A “just for me” body positive boudoir photo shoot…check. My first hot yoga class…check. The #BirthdayBlitz continues by checking off #75 on my 100 ...

No Bake Oatmeal Raisin Granola Bars (Vegan, Gluten Free)

favicon Beaming Baker
No Bake Oatmeal Raisin Granola Bars (V+GF): Soft and chewy granola bars that taste just like an oatmeal raisin cookie. An easy Vegan and Gluten Free recipe made with whole ...

32 Ways to Lose Weight Faster

favicon Eat This Not That
If you had the power to melt fat in just 60 seconds, would you use it? Well, that power is yours. With the simple push of a button, you can ...

This Former Monk Explains Why You're Tackling Mindfulness All Wrong

If you're up-to-date on your buzzwords, then you'll know that mindfulness is the new black. It seems that everyone has their own idea of what it means to be mindful.

Video: Materialism and Happiness

favicon World of Psychology
Apple’s iPhone 7 is coming out this year, and it’s going to be the greatest iPhone yet. Maybe the greatest smartphone yet. It’s going to complete your life. At least ...

Meat is Magnificent: Water, Carbon, Methane & Nutrition

favicon Sustainable Dish
“When we try to pick out anything by itself, we find it hitched to everything else in the Universe.” – John Muir There was a recent article in The Washington ...

Walking Meditation

favicon BayArt
One of the most useful and grounding ways of attending to our body is the practice of walking meditation which is a form of meditation in action. Walking meditation is ...

3 Simple Habits for Daily Mindfulness

“Do not dwell in the past, do not dream of the future, concentrate the mind on the present moment.” Buddha “The best way to capture moments is to pay attention.

Blender Blackberry Quinoa Cakes {gluten free}

favicon Cotter Crunch
Healthy blender blackberry quinoa cakes recipe! These gluten free quinoa cakes are made with simple fresh ingredients. Dairy free, no refined sugar, and delicious! No oil or butter needed. Just ...

What is tempo running and how do I do it?

favicon Runner's World
Build your endurance and speed by hitting the middle ground. by Karen Asp You know what it feels like to run easy and you’re probably also familiar with the burn ...

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