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New Fitness Moves to Try Out Today

favicon Cotter Crunch
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You know I love to spice things up with … my Fitness CLASS! Haha. But jokes aside, I make my class try out Crazy Cotter combinations at least onceweek. It keeps us all on our toes and challenging our bodies. Some are hit and some are miss, but ...

How sleep affects cravings, weight and running performance

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I’m excited to kick off the reset in a few weeks with many of you! The group support and accountability is one of the best aspects of this group- it always amazes me. Making good choices for our health is more complicated than just food.A few months ago,

How to pace yourself while running outside

favicon Run to the Finish
4 mentions2 days ago
Do you start races like a rocket ship to the moon and then find yourself falling out of the sky before you’ve made landing? Or you need to check your watch with every mile to have any idea if you’re going too fast, too slow, wildly off pace,

Whole Wheat Oatmeal Pancakes

5 mentions2 days ago
It’s time for another recipe refresher! I first published this recipe over 2 years ago and it’s still my go-to pancake recipe, so I think that warrants re-sharing it.These Whole Wheat Oatmeal Pancakes are not for everyone. If fluffy Bisquick-style pancakes are your thing (like my hubby), these ...

Runner’s Knee Treatment, Recovery And Exercises

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Pain beneath the kneecap that’s worst after you finish an activity. It’s especially sore going up or down stairs, tends not to swell, and typically becomes most aggravated after about an hour of running, when your quads start to tire. Patellofemoral knee pain (runner’s knee) is the most ...

Mediterranean Tabbouleh Hummus Dip

favicon Joanne Eats Well With Others
3 mentions2 days ago
Two favorite dips join forces to create a multi-layered Mediterranean flavor explosion in this tabbouleh hummus dip! Your pita chips will never be the same again. Disclosure: This post was sponsored by Pacific Foods. As always, my thoughts and opinions are my own. Thank you for supporting the ...

Lebanese Chicken Tawook Recipe

favicon The Lemon Bowl
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Chicken tawook, a traditional Lebanese dish, becomes juicy and tender from a simple marinade of fresh lemon juice and garlic. If I could eat one food every single day for the rest of my life, it would be Lebanese food. People often ask how I came up with ...

A Back-to-School Message: Emphasize Childhood Health, Not Obesity

favicon The Huffington Post
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Children's Healthcare of Atlanta released a powerful anti-obesity PSA showing a man suffering a heart attack in the ER, which then progresses to an intense flashback to what food choices and activities led to this event. During the PSA you see the man's first person view as an ...

Easy Minestrone Soup #BrownBag

favicon Pescetarian Journal
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Easy Minestrone Soup is one of my solutions to the problem of public school lunch. When I amnot blogging, I am teaching tenth-grade English. Lunch options are slim and rather dreadful. A 30-minute lunch doesn’t leave enough time to go out for lunch, so I bring a brown-bag ...

Make-Ahead Fruit and Yogurt Protein Parfaits Recipe

favicon The Lemon Bowl
2 mentions3 days ago
An easy, make-ahead breakfast packed with plenty of protein and heart-healthy fats to give you all day energy. My husband leaves for work around 6:30am most weekdays so I love coming up with easy, make-ahead breakfast ideas that he can quickly eat before heading out the door. While ...

Grilled Veggie Sandwiches

favicon Sunday Supper Movement
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On a busy weeknight, my family loves these hearty Grilled Veggie Sandwiches. They’re packed full of smoky grilled vegetables like eggplant, onion, romaine lettuce and red peppers. A slathering of hummus and pesto take the flavor over these speedy sandwiches over the top! Ingredients: 1 small eggplant, sliced ...

Peanut, almond and nut butters recalled

favicon CNN
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(CNN) -- The Food and Drug Administration announced Thursday that nSpired Natural Foods Inc. is voluntarily recalling several lots of peanut, almond and other nut butters on fears of salmonella contamination. The company was made aware of the risk after routine testing showed a potential link between consumption ...

The Evolution of Diet

favicon National Geographic
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Top row: escargots, sardines, and fava beans (Crete); naan in salty yak-milk tea (Afghanistan); fried geranium leaves (Crete); boiled crab (Malaysia); raw beetroot and oranges (Crete); chapati, yak butter, and rock salt (Pakistan). Middle row: dried-apricot soup (Pakistan); boiled plantains (Bolivia); fried coral reef fish (Malaysia); bulgur, boiled ...

The Beauty-Happiness Connection

favicon The Atlantic
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“Le Déjeuner,” an early painting by Claude Monet, isn’t particularly remarkable when compared to some of his other works. His “Les Nymphéas” series, for instance, includes nearly 250 large-scale oil paintings of the water lilies at his flower garden in Giverny. From his Thames-facing room in London’s Savoy ...

Playground Granola Bars for #SundaySupper

favicon Noshing With The Nolands
5 mentions3 days ago
It is back to school time again, how did that happen?? Where did the summer go??? This summer went by the fastest ever!! We had a glorious one weather wise but alas we now have to send the kids back!! For this #SundaySupper I wanted to come up ...

The Future of Food: How our eating habits will change

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USA TODAY's Hadley Malcolm talks to author Michael Moss about our changing grocery store behavior. USA TODAY The way we eat — the kind of food we buy, where we get it, how it's prepared — has become a part of our identity, a guiding force that shapes ...

Adapting to Weather Changes: 10 Tips to Help Training in Heat

favicon Fuel Your Future with Tina
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I did not know that muscles warm up faster in warmer temperatures. Now that I think about it--it does take me a while to get on a good base in colder weather. Thanks for the tips, Tina! I have gotten much better over time at running in the ...

Food buyers lean toward 'natural,' a claim that's hard to define

3 mentions3 days ago
When you buy a box of crackers labeled "natural," do you just assume they're organic? Don't. When you choose an "all natural" chocolate syrup for your kids' ice cream, are you thinking it has less sugar? Read the label. But what about those "natural" chips? Surely the package ...

Startups Pitch Cricket Flour As The Best Protein You Could Eat

5 mentions3 days ago
Exo's peanut butter-and-jelly bar contains about 40 ground-up crickets and has a familiar nutty, sweet flavor.Meredith Rizzo/NPRhide caption Exo's peanut butter-and-jelly bar contains about 40 ground-up crickets and has a familiar nutty, sweet flavor. If you heard crickets chirping in your backyard, would it occur to you to ...

Allergies to a Legume Called Lupin: What You Need to Know

3 mentions1 day ago
The answers to those two questions could have an important impact on your health, or the health of someone in your family. Lupin (sometimes called “lupine”) is a legume belonging to the same plant family as peanuts. “For many people, eating lupin or a lupin-derived ingredient, such as ...

Macadamia Panko Crusted Salmon

favicon Noshing With The Nolands
3 mentions3 days ago
Here is my second installment on lovely Rebecca’s site, Living Better Together. So thrilled to be there again!!I love salmon and wanted to come up with a delicious recipe for her that incorporated a yummy crust a top a sweet mustard glaze. This is a quick and delicious ...

Gluten Free Cherry Cocoa Pistachio Bites

favicon Cotter Crunch
3 mentions6 days ago
Healthy Bites is where it all began. Yes, over 5 years ago I started making these little balls of goodness for my husband (aka the kiwi). I also made them for me since I couldn’t eat gluten, and at that time there were very few decent gluten free ...

Is Mindfulness Good Medicine?

favicon Scientific American
2 mentions4 days ago
In a typical mindfulness meditation session, a person sits on the floor, eyes closed, back straight and legs crossed, his body positioned to facilitate his inner experiences. For 10 to 15 minutes, he observes his thoughts as if he were an outsider looking in. He pays particular attention ...

Sesame and Honey Crusted Tuna Steak

favicon Tumbleweed Contessa
3 mentions4 days ago
Seafood is not something you will find on my blog very often. While it may be good for me, it isn’t my favorite food.My friend at work is always giving me idea for using tilapia or salmon.But this one caught my attention. It was -7 degrees and I ...

Spaghetti Squash with Spicy Lentil Sauce

favicon Sunday Supper Movement
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Top your spaghetti squash with this Spicy Lentil Sauce and make your dinner healthy yet hearty. It’s fast, it’s easy and it has just the right kick to make everyone happy. Ingredients: 1 large spaghetti squash 1 package precooked lentils 1 small green pepper 1 green pepper 1 ...

Peanut Butter and Beyond: 10 Nutrient-Packed Nut Butter Options

favicon Greatist
3 mentions6 days ago
Peanut butter is one of America’s great culinary contributions to the world (in our opinion). And America agrees: In the U.S., we consume over 1.5 billion pounds of peanut butter and peanut products every year. That comes out to nearly $800 million in sales annually. (Mr. Peanut is ...

It’s salt war time again: new research, arguments over public health recommendations, and issues of conflicts of interest

favicon Food Politics
3 mentions7 days ago
(a) Does too much dietary sodium cause high blood pressure?Answer: an unambiguous yes (although not necessarily in everyone). (b) Are public health recommendations to reduce salt intake warranted?I think so, but others disagree. (c) If so, to what level?Although virtually all committees reviewing the evidence on salt and ...

Asian Couscous with Salmon {Dairy-Free}

favicon avocadopesto
4 mentions6 days ago
I love couscous because it cooks so quickly. Or more accurately quickly absorbs boiling water and is ready to meat. Eight minutes and you’re done. So if you can quickly chop and stir and pan fry the rest of the ingredients you could have dinner on the table ...

Mo'ne Davis Pitches Shutout in Little League World Series

favicon ABC News
2 mentions5 days ago
The 13-year-old pitching powerhouse led her Philadelphia Little League team to victory today in its first World Series match against the team from Nashville. She pitched her second complete shutout in a row, the first being the game that qualified her team for the series in Williamsport, Pennsylvania.

Grilled Vegan Margherita Pizza

favicon Strength and Sunshine
3 mentions6 days ago
I have a confession. I love Pizza! I really do. I always scoffed at those who would answer the question of “what’s your favorite good?” and they would say pizza. Well, pizza isn’t my favorite food, but it’s up there. Of course my pizzas are not the typical ...

Tuna and Rice Baked Tomatoes

favicon Curious Cuisiniere
2 mentions6 days ago
Here in Wisconsin, the tomatoes have started turning their brilliant red. That glorious color brings with it all the excitement of fresh, sun-ripened tomatoes, still warm from the vine. And, all that sweet tomato juice dripping right down your chin. But, there are only so many tomatoes we ...

21 Low-Impact Workouts That Are More Effective Than You Think

favicon Greatist
3 mentions4 days ago
Every now and then, we have to give the body a break from excessive pounding (read: running, dance classes, and contact sports). Luckily low-impact workouts are typically easier on the body, especially our joints, and can be a great way to get in a heart-pumping workout while reducing ...

Low-Salt Diets May Pose Health Risks, Study Finds

favicon WSJ
6 mentions7 days ago
Cutting dietary sodium to currently recommended levels could cause more harm than good, according to a new study that escalates a fierce debate over the role of sodium restriction in the battle against cardiovascular disease. Current guidelines from U.S. government agencies, the World Health Organization, the American Heart ...

5 Simple Diet Changes to Improve Health

4 mentions1 week ago
As a Registered Dietitian, people often ask me for advice about changes they should make to their diet. I’m a firm believer that nutrition is very individualized and that everyone has different needs, but I do believe there are a few simple diet changes that most people could ...

Yes, Your Ultimate Day Of Relaxation Can Be At The Office

favicon The Huffington Post
3 mentions6 days ago
Ah, the sweet benefits of relaxation. While the easiest way to relax may be to spend a blissed-out day at the spa, we don't all have the luxury (both time- and money-wise) to escape to the sauna or massage table. Fortunately, in honor of National Relaxation Day, we've ...

Roasted Butternut Squash Salad: A Winter Salad for the Summertime!

favicon Eat. Drink & be Skinny!
3 mentions4 days ago
Posted by: Teresa in Gluten Free, Green, Low Carb, Lunch, Orange, Recipes, Teresa's Favorites, VegetarianAugust 15, 2014 0344 Views I know it’s the dead of summer and Butternut squash is a winter squash and cranberries come with an inherent holiday vibe. But that cannot stop this butternut squash ...

A Guide to Marathon Training While Traveling

favicon Live.Do.Grow
3 mentions1 week ago
by Elena Sonnino | Aug 11, 2014 | Running & Fitness, Travel, Travel Tips, Wellness Travel | 2 comments Marathon training feels like a second job. Hydration, nutrition and training regimens take center stage – sometimes above all else during a training season. But if you are anything ...

Online and Streaming Workouts for Every Budget

favicon Fit Bottomed Girls
4 mentions1 week ago
We have all been there — you want to fit a workout in but it’s too hot, too cold and/or too late to get out to the gym. Maybe you are on a business trip and the hotel’s gym is subpar. Or perhaps you just plain ol’ do ...

Restaurants, fast food cost you 200 extra calories

favicon CNN
3 mentions6 days ago
(CNN) -- It's often difficult to find time to cook a healthy, nutritious meal while traversing this hectic world. We've been warned frequently about the dangers of fast food. But skipping the drive-thru for that "healthier" sit-down meal at a restaurant isn't a good option either, a new ...

Here’s your chance to chat with Michael Pollan

favicon Grist
5 mentions1 week ago
Join us for a live video interview with bestselling author Michael Pollan on Aug. 14 at 7 p.m. ET (4 p.m. PT). Grist’s Nathanael Johnson will moderate the event. Have a question for the author of Cooked and Omnivore’s Dilemma? Sign up below to see the chat and ...

Breakdancer Simon Ata's Strength Training Workout Is Like Nothing You've Seen Before

favicon The Huffington Post
2 mentions7 days ago
However, breakdancer Simon Ata, out of Melbourne, Australia, has a workout routine that takes strength training to the next level -- and then beyond. Watch the video (above) posted by Ata to see how he builds strength and maintains his physique. Remember to pick your jaw up from ...

3 Foam Rolling Moves Better Than Paying For A Massage

favicon The Huffington Post
2 mentions1 week ago
Despite the very many health benefits of massage, we can't all book regular appointments at the spa. But there's a basic (and cheap!) tool known to many regular runners and other athletes that just might be the next best thing. If you haven't already, it's time to get ...

6 Basic Principles Of Using Food As Medicine

favicon MindBodyGreen
3 mentions4 days ago
So many people lose weight, feel better, and heal from disease on a Paleo diet... but why? Chris Kresser explains the science behind the food phenomenon that changed his life, and why it's workingReadIn 1973, when I was a researcher at the National Institute of Mental Health and ...

The Best Iced Coffee with Almond Macadamia Nut Milk

favicon Eating Bird Food
2 mentions1 week ago
I know that’s a bold title, but I really do think that I’ve found the perfect iced coffee recipe. I typically drink my iced coffee black but this little combo is a great option to have in my back pocket when I’m craving a fun coffee drink. The ...

Tart Cherry Dark Chocolate Granola Bars Recipe

favicon The Lemon Bowl
2 mentions1 week ago
An ideal snack or breakfast on-the-go, these chewy granola bars are filled with tart cherries, dark chocolate chips and protein-packed walnuts.As though I needed one more, reason #9497214758 that I love living in Michigan is because we are the Cherry Capital of the World. In fact, I have ...

Back-to-school Nutrition Tips

favicon Food & Nutrition
3 mentions6 days ago
Time to fall back into a daily routine — school is here (or almost here, depending on where you live)! Mornings may become a tad hectic this season with alarms going off, getting breakfast on the table (or on-the-go), packing lunches, finishing up homework, and never-ending carpools. Some ...

Black and Hispanic Kids Have a 50 Percent Chance of Developing Diabetes

favicon Mother Jones
4 mentions1 week ago
The good news: According to a study published Wednesday in the Lancet, American children diagnosed with diabetes can now expect to live more than 70 years with the disease. The bad news: Black and Hispanic individuals have about a 50 percent chance of developing diabetes over the course ...

Protein Packed Acai Bowl Recipe

favicon Her Heartland Soul
2 mentions1 week ago
I have been craving acai bowls since Josh and I got back from Hawaii. I had my first one there, and my second, and my third… (They were everywhere!) When I got back to Omaha I was shocked to find not one place in Omaha makes or sells ...

Shrimp Avocado Caesar Salad #WeekdaySupper

favicon The Girl in the Little Red Kitchen
3 mentions1 week ago
Do you remember when chicken caesar salad was on option on the menu at practically every restaurant you went to back in the day? Dry chicken, sad lettuce, too much cheese and dressing that was definitely not house made.This was considered the “diet” option and everyone went for ...

Overcome These Five Obstacles to Your Mindfulness Meditation Practice

favicon The Huffington Post
2 mentions1 week ago
Many media outlets have been talking for a number of years now about how ubiquitous mindfulness is, the impact it's having in a variety of sectors and all the wonderful science that continues to be published. But I noticed that many people in the media don't talk much ...

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