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Running Warmup: Dynamic Yoga Stretches

favicon POPSUGAR Fitness
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While static stretching before a run is a big no-no, yoga is a whole different ballgame because it involves movement-based stretching. These four exercises will get your blood circulating throughout your bod. Slowly loosen up typically tight areas such as the hips, hamstrings, and lower back with these ...

Tips for First Yoga Class

favicon Shape Magazine
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Yoga is known for its many mind and body benefits, but to some, the poses and culture can come off as a little intimidating. To set you up for success, we went to a few of the country’s top yoga teachers and asked them to share their top ...

Roasted Potato Eyeballs #SundaySupper

favicon The Girl in the Little Red Kitchen
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Forget about all the other popular Halloween food, today it’s all about how the delicious potato can have the spotlight and been fun and spooky at your Halloween soiree.Just take a look at these Roasted Potato Eyeballs.Wouldn’t you want to take a bite of something that’s looking back ...

Pumpkin Energy Balls

favicon The Lean Green Bean
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I originally published this recipe almost exactly a year ago and it was a big hit, so I thought I’d re-share in case you missed the recipes! Plus I tried to take some better photos. These Pumpkin Energy Balls are one of my favorite grab and go snacks.

A Survival Guide to the Grossest Things About Running

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Let’s face it—running isn’t always pretty. A physical activity that lasts a long time can sometimes cause conflict within our own bodies, and the results can be…well, less than desirable. Thankfully, this is hardly uncharted territory. Runners have dealt with issues like these for a long time,

To Stop Picky Eaters From Tossing The Broccoli, Give Them Choices

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Students are given healthy choices on a lunch line at Draper Middle School in Rotterdam, N.Y., in 2012. To keep students from tossing out the fruits and vegetables they're served, researchers say it helps to give them a choice in what they put on their trays.Hans Pennink/APhide caption ...

Grilled Parsley Potatoes #10DaysofTailgate

favicon Curious Cuisiniere
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We have been making good use of our grill this summer. But, one things we have hesitated to grill has been potatoes. The thing about potatoes is that they take a long time to cook. This can make timing a bit tricky when it comes to grilling. While ...

New Harvard Research Reveals A Fun Way To Be More Successful

favicon Barking Up The Wrong Tree
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Join over 120,000 subscribers! Get a free weekly update with exclusive content. No spam, ever. Enter your email here: But everything you read probably sounds like a lot of work. Isn’t there a scientifically proven method that’s a little more… fun? There is. Shawn Achor is the bestselling ...

The 7 Laws of Training According to Dr. Fred Hatfield

favicon Breaking Muscle
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I recently sat down with Dr. Fred Hatfield, also known as Dr. Squat, to discuss his views on strength and conditioning and how they fit into modern training systems. For those of you unfamiliar, Dr. Hatfield was a great college gymnast and bodybuilder (he was Mr. Mid America,

60 Minute Outdoor Workout

favicon She Rocks Fitness
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So yesterday was the first day of Fall and I was pleasantly surprised when I took out Lucy bright and early that it was dare I say COOL! It was flipping amazing and I was even able to open my windows and doors until later in the afternoon,

Jack O'Lantern Shepherd's Pie Stuffed Peppers

favicon Cupcakes & Kale Chips
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We are teaming up with the Idaho Potato Commission this week to inspire you to “spookify” your #SundaySupper with Fun and Scary Halloween Recipes. With an easy and tasty beef and veggie mix topped with cheesy mashed Idaho® potatoes, you’ll have heads turning with Jack O’Lantern Shepherd’s Pie ...

6 Common Excuses for Not Eating Healthy – Rebutted

favicon US News & World Report
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Tired of manually customizing all the links in your Twitter feed? Meet our super-duper feature which makes it even easier to share! Well done! Now you can keep tweeting the way you usually do. All the boring job will be done for you by our service. Well done!

10 Tips for Fall Fitness

favicon The Huffington Post
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By Andrea Woroch for GalTime.comWhether you spent the summer scaling mountains or doing laps in your gym's outdoor pool, exercising outside doesn't have to end when the first leaf drops. In fact, fall is a great time to harvest a new routine to re-energize your workout. Consider the ...

17 Things I Wish Everyone Knew About Kale

favicon MindBodyGreen
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As an integrative nutritionist, I see hundreds of clients every year, many of them battling digestive and weight issues. You can be sure nobody comes to see me when they’re feeling great! ReadThis time of year, as the temperature cools, a molecular miracle is happening on farms everywhere: ...

4 Myths about Strength Training for Women

favicon ACE Fitness
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Strength training is an important part of improving your overall fitness, and for women, it can mean much more. In addition to numerous health benefits, adding weights to your routine can become a form of personal development that builds strength in all areas of life. Join us over ...

Exercise as a prescription for depression: Here's how it works

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We all know that lacing up and breaking a sweat is good for our mood, and that exercise can feel like a lifeline when the stresses of life threaten to engulf us. But how a pounding workout helps lift us from the encroaching gloom was a mystery -- ...

Slow Cooker Mango Salsa Chicken

favicon Amees Savory Dish
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I love this easy-breezy dinner!There is so much flavor and color in this nutritious dish.The convenience of crockpot cooking makes it a favorite for this busy mama!Just add a side of greens and you have a great meal. Filed Under: Chicken, Crockpot, Gluten Free, Kid-Friendly, Quick and Easy ...

The 7 Best Cookbooks to Get You Cooking This Fall

favicon Life by DailyBurn
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If it’s been a while since you made a home-cooked meal, you may want to dust off your stovetop. Some of your favorite food bloggers are coming out with new must-try cookbooks full of healthy recipes (and a few splurges) you’re going to want to try. Plus, celebrity ...

Easy Peasy Peaches Canning Recipe Perfect For Beginners

favicon Sew Creative Blog
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It’s hard to believe that my whole foray into canning only started a month ago. I took a food preservation class at my local community centre and after years of wanting to start canning I was hooked. I think I really just needed someone to tell me ...

Walking off depression and beating stress outdoors? Nature group walks linked to improved mental health

favicon University of Michigan Health System
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ANN ARBOR, Mich. — They are common suggestions to remedy stress: You just need a breath of fresh air. Walk it off. Get out and see people.Turns out all those things combined may in fact make you feel better – a lot better – a new large scale ...

Whole Wheat Pumpkin Waffles Recipe

favicon The Lemon Bowl
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These hearty whole wheat pumpkin waffles are protein-packed and full of warm spices including cinnamon, nutmeg and ground cloves. Fall is officially in the air and I couldn’t be more excited if I tried. It has always been my most favorite season of the year and I don’t ...

Coca-Cola, Dr Pepper, and Pepsi pledge to reduce US calorie intake from soda

favicon The Independent
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Soft drinks companies in the US have pledged to help cut the calories that Americans consume from their drinks by a fifth. Drinks giants the Coca-Cola Company, PepsiCo Inc. and Dr Pepper Snapple Group Inc. promised to make the 20 per cent cut before 2025, as part of ...

Carrot Habanero Duck Meatballs #10DaysofTailgate

favicon The Girl in the Little Red Kitchen
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What happens when you combine two popular tailgating foods? You end up with saucy, spicy and poppable Carrot Habanero Duck Meatballs.It’s the classic story (or is it?) buffalo wings and meatballs line my plate at the party.I finish the wings but there is extra sauce on my plate,

To make the most of a workout, experts say set the proper pace

favicon Reuters
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NEW YORK (Reuters) - Whether the goal is to finish a marathon, polish a tennis game or make the most of that hour at the gym, fitness experts say pacing can spell the difference between success and stagnation. Setting the proper workout pace, or the distribution of energy during exercise, deflects boredom and fatigue, syncs body and mind, and enables the everyday exerciser to keep pushing the envelope. Dr. Kevin G. Thompson, author of “Pacing: Individual Strategies for Optimal Performance,” believes how people prepare their bodies and minds for activity ...

6 Yoga Poses for Runners

favicon Love Life Surf
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Balancing life, family and fitness - easy right? Now always! Get stories that inspire you to breathe deeply and make mindful choices by subscribing to my blog by email. With so much running in my life recently, my body has been craving time on my yoga mat. Yoga ...

What Would Happen If You Ran a Half-Marathon Without Training for It?

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A few months back, a local half-marathon popped up on your radar. Your friends decided to do it, so you thought, "Why not?" Then, well, life happened. You just didn't get out as regularly for those training runs as you should have...pretty much at all. It was all ...

Beyond Charity: Turning The Soup Kitchen Upside Down

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This is the fourth in a series of conversations on The Salt where members of NPR's food team chat with intriguing people in the food world. He set out to train homeless people on the streets of Washington, D.C. — many of whom were drug addicts cycling in ...

A Guide To Intuitive Eating (Infographic)

favicon MindBodyGreen
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With the term "mindfulness" being such a buzzword in our busy lives today, many of us may not know the powerful effect this can also have on our eating habits. Mindful, or, "intuitive" eating, rewrites our past beliefs about how, when, and what we eat. This fun little ...

Food Addiction vs. Eating Addiction: Why A Single Word Makes All The Difference

favicon The Huffington Post
3 mentions1 week ago
How people answer this question is at the crux of an emerging debate about obesity and food addiction. Is food addiction real, and should food industries be held accountable for engineering hyper-palatable sugar-salt-fat bombs that override feelings of fullness? Or is it more accurate to describe overeating as ...

Coconut-Blueberry Bars

favicon POPSUGAR Fitness
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Craving a clean-eating-approved treat? Bake up a batch of these Paleo-friendly coconut-blueberry cookie bars that offer nearly 20 percent of your recommended fiber for the day. They're equal parts tart and sweet and full of coconut flavor everyone will enjoy. Fresh blueberries make these chewy bars shine, so ...

Uncovering the 10 Culprits Robbing Your Happiness

favicon The Huffington Post
3 mentions4 days ago
I got pick-pocketed in Cusco recently. That's one way to make a grown man cry. The pain of robbery always goes beyond the loss of material possessions. It's that sense of violation. When our joy, peace and happiness is yanked away and replaced with a profound bitterness. My ...

When You Want to Make a Change but Feel Confused & Scared

favicon Tiny Buddha
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Have you ever had an inner knowing that it was time to make some life changes, but you felt too confused to make them? I’ve certainly felt that way a time or two. After I graduated college years ago, I felt completely confused about what I was going ...

TWC News Austin: High School Blitz Interview with Apollos Hester

favicon YouTube
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(TWC News Austin full video: TWC News Austin reporter Lauren Mickler interviews East View High School Football player Apollos Hester after the triumphed over Vandegrift by one point. Hester’s post-game interview was one of the most inspiring interviews we have captured on Sports Night High School Blitz.

Gluten-Free Golden Berry Superfood Granola

favicon avocadopesto
5 mentions3 days ago
This Gluten-Free Golden Berry Superfood Granola will be your new go to breakfast or snack. Sweet and tart and packed full of flavors from oats, sunflower seeds, coconut flakes, nuts, chia seeds and the one and only magical golden berry. And have been dreaming up all sorts of ...

Wild Arugula and Beet Salad With Orange, Walnuts and Tarragon

favicon New York Times Cooking
2 mentions5 days ago
This is a salad filled with contrasting sweet and peppery flavors. Pungent wild arugula contrasts beautifully with sweet beets, anisy tarragon and juicy oranges. If you can find purslane, it makes a great addition to the salad, with its earthy flavor and almost juicy, delicate crunch. You can ...

7 Strange Questions That Help You Find Your Life Purpose

favicon Mark Manson
3 mentions6 days ago
One day, when my brother was 18, he waltzed into the living room and proudly announced to my mother and me that one day he was going to be a senator. My mom probably gave him the “That’s nice, dear,” treatment while I’m sure I was distracted by ...

Brie and Pear Salad #SundaySupper

favicon Cindy's Recipes and Writings
8 mentions1 week ago
Fall is calling. Time to start enjoying autumn harvests of fruit and vegetables. Brie and Pear Salad is a delightful way to welcome fall. Sweet red pears. brie and arugula in a light vinaigrette. Fall is one of my favorite times of year. Pumpkin patches, apple picking and ...

6 Reasons To Start Working Out Outside

favicon The Huffington Post
2 mentions1 week ago
Autumn is the best season for exploring the outdoors -- hands down. With oppressive summer heat and humidity behind us, we're delighting in only semi-drenching our workout gear on these cooler mornings and crisp evenings. But apparently some people remain unconvinced. Whether you're devoted to your Spinning class,

What are Fodmaps and Low Fodmap Hungarian Goulash

favicon Strands of My Life
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I’ve gone back to the basics and thought it was time to explain what Fodmaps are. The word Fodmap is an acronym for fermentable, oligosaccharides, disaccharides, monosaccharides and polyols. I’ve made a video explaining what they are and I have added a few statistics too.Once again I have ...

Limit TV to help fight obesity, says NICE

favicon BBC News
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Adults and children should consider having TV-free days or limiting viewing to no more than two hours a day under new proposals to tackle obesity. The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) recommendations also include avoiding drinks with added sugar and limiting takeaways. The draft guidance,

This Flowchart Tells You When to Worry About Anything

favicon Lifehacker
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Stress can be terribly damaging. Although it's normal to get stressed every so often, much of what we worry about doesn't come to pass. This illustration could help keep things in perspective. Stress is something I’ve been intimately acquainted with since I was a teenager. I tend to ...

Wild Rice Stuffed Acorn Squash

favicon Ruffles & Truffles
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Who’s ready for fall? I have to say – the past few days have kind of managed to get me into a fall-like mood. It’s been raining almost non-stop since Wednesday, and the slightly cooler temperatures have made me think about fall. Those of you who live farther ...

How To Make Sun-Dried Tomatoes

favicon The Recipe ReDux
2 mentions1 week ago
It’s super easy to make your own sun-dried tomatoes at home either by way of the sun or your oven. Use this dehydration method for just about any fruit~ by Deanna Segrave-Daly, RD Whether it’s extra garden bounty or a sale at the supermarket – dehydrating food is ...

How Do You Actually Learn To Love Yourself?

favicon MindBodyGreen
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My journey from the depths of self-hating, suicidal suffering into self-acceptance has taught me that self-love isn’t just a dinner mint. It’s an essential part of being a healthy, happy person andReadIn one of my recent articles on MindBodyGreen, some of the commenters asked me how to go ...

Pumpkin Chili for a #FallFood #SundaySupper

favicon Bobbi's Kozy Kitchen
7 mentions1 week ago
Fall sounds perfect in the Pacific Northwest! Your chili looks so good, if you put it on your head, your tongue would slap your face tryin’ to get to it! That's just those southern taste buds talking haha I love pumpkin in my chili! Your chili looks so ...

Fall Harvest Panzanella #SundaySupper

favicon Curious Cuisiniere
6 mentions1 week ago
Right now, the only thing keeping me from falling (pun intended) into the cold-weather blues, is that fact that cooler fall temperatures means that it is time to break out the fall flavors. And, to help keep those blues away, the Sunday Supper crew is bringing you 50 ...

Why Your Ab Workouts Aren't Working

favicon The Huffington Post
2 mentions5 days ago
It seems logical -- a toned tummy is the by-product of a million sit-ups. At least that's what the late-night infomercials lead us to believe. Plus, gym-goers everywhere appear to be using Swiss balls, ab wheels and crunch machines to craft a chiseled core. Case closed: Targeting the ...

Super Hacks: How to Make Healthy Food Even Healthier

favicon The Huffington Post
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Not that healthy foods need to be any better, but we couldn't resist sharing these hacks that increase their nutritional value. Hey, go big or go home, right? Actually, whether you use these nutrition-boosting hacks or not, these foods are all super nutritious, tasty choices. Eat the kiwi ...

Broccoli Stalk Ribbon Salad with Feta

favicon The Dinner-Mom
5 mentions2 weeks ago
Don’t just eat the florets! Broccoli stalk ribbon salad makes good use of the bottom half of this superfood in this easy recipe that’s ready in minutes. In case you missed it, I recently shared a recipe for Thai Beef Strips that were served with broccoli stalks shaved ...

A Cornell scientist came up with four ways to lose weight without dieting

favicon Quartz
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If you change just one lifestyle habit, instead of struggling to power through a traditional “diet,” you can lose two or more pounds each week. If you change up to three habits, you may lose more. Sounds simple? It can be, according to Dr. Brian Wansink, consumer behavior ...

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