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Easy Chocolate Christmas Cake {Vegan, Paleo}

favicon Cotter Crunch
This Chocolate Christmas Cake, also known as Panforte Italian Christmas Cake, is easy to make with maple syrup, nuts, dark chocolate, cocoa, spices, and dried fruit. A Christmas cake that’s ...

Intense Core Yoga Workout

favicon Shape Magazine
Swap your boring crunches for a more effective (and fun!) workout that will get you the strong, flat midsection you're after. This core yoga routine uses a variety of poses ...

3 Essential Habits That Form Task Management

favicon Alpha Efficiency
For a long while (even in the early days of AlphaEfficiency) I wasn’t endorsing To-Do lists. At the beginning of my productivity journey, I’ve viewed them not only as an ...

Gluten Free Blueberry Oatmeal Bread

favicon The Lemon Bowl
This moist and chewy gluten free blueberry oatmeal bread is lightly sweetened and packed with whole grains. A huge family favorite! Baking season is well underway and my house has ...

healthy vegan ginger snap cookies

favicon Hummusapien
These Heathy Vegan Ginger Snap Cookies are completely flourless and free of butter and refined sugar! A wholesome treat perfect for the holiday season.Holy cookie monster! I have so many ...

'Exercise boosts men's sperm count'

favicon BBC News
Doing at least half an hour of exercise three times a week may boost men's sperm count, say scientists. Men who took up running and stuck with it had more ...

Walking Meditation

favicon BayArt
One of the most useful and grounding ways of attending to our body is the practice of walking meditation which is a form of meditation in action. Walking meditation is ...

Pumpkin Gnocchi [Vegan, Gluten-Free]

favicon One Green Planet
Everybody knows the traditional gnocchi, a sort of soft dough dumplings made out of potatoes and wheat flour, but have you ever tried pumpkin gnocchi? These pumpkin gnocchi are not ...

Cinnamon Nut Snow Crystals [Vegan, Gluten-Free]

favicon One Green Planet
This festive dessert is made from just ground nuts, no flour at all! Ground almonds or hazelnuts are combined with cashews, cinnamon, and sweetener, poured into snowflake-shaped moulds, and then ...

Portobello Lentil Shepherd’s Pie [Vegan, Gluten-Free]

favicon One Green Planet
Everyone needs a go-to recipe for shepherd's pie and this one is a must-try. This hearty, savory shepherd's pie has a delicious filling of French lentils, sautéed mushrooms, and vegetables ...

What the president's diet says about America

favicon CNN
President-elect Donald Trump seems to favor fast food Which other commanders in chief had unhealthy eating habits? Presidents' diets tend to mirror national trends, experts say (CNN)Thomas Jefferson may have ...

Body-Sculpting Workout to Get Your Heart Rate Up

favicon POPSUGAR Fitness
What’s Your Reaction? 0Reactions Prepare to Have a Blast Dancing Your Booty Off With the Fitness Marshall This Killer Workout Torches Calories — About 500 in 45 Minutes Get Long ...

A Joyful Christmas Season: Setting Goals for December 2016

favicon Mama Smiles
Setting goals for December 2016 to create a joyful Christmas season. Christmas is my favorite time of year. It’s a good thing, because my children have been playing Christmas songs ...

Vegan Winter Minestrone Soup Club

favicon Confessions of a Mother Runner
Thanks for joining Sarah and me for Meatless Monday today. Yesterday was our monthly Soup Club swap day and with the temps really dropping it’s the perfect time whip up ...

Why Some People Like Exercise and Others Don't: Because Happiness

You don't need to read about yet another study proving how fantastic exercise is for your mental health and well-being. Scientists already understand there's a strong link between happiness and ...

8 Successful Habits You Can Learn from Toddlers

Every toddler embodies the traits of success. In the way they carry themselves and live life, there are a lot of habits we can learn from young kids that will ...

The Workout That Burns Twice As Many Calories As Running

favicon Men's Health
Researchers revealed that participants crushed 346 calories on average in just 13 minutes using these six strength exercises: bench press, bent-over row, biceps curl, lying triceps extension, leg extension, and ...

Ricciarelli Cookie {gluten free}

favicon A Healthy Life For Me
Prep Time: 1h 10m | Total Time: 1h 22m | Gluten free | Dairy free | VegetarianRicciarelli cookie recipe comes from Tuscany.They are melt in your mouth tender almond flavored ...

Gluten Free Chocolate Sugar Cookies

favicon What the Fork
These easy, cut-out gluten free chocolate sugar cookies are a fun twist on the traditional cookie. They require no chill time, roll out easily without extra flour, and hold their ...

Marie Kondo: How to Choose Happiness

This is an article from Turning Points, a magazine that explores what critical moments from this year might mean for the year ahead. Turning Point: An executive at Ikea declared ...

Five Reliable Ways to Cultivate More Mindfulness

favicon Psych
How to Cultivate More Mindfulness Are you wondering how to get more mindfulness in your life? There’s always a chance to start anew and create positive connections between you and ...

12 Habits of Super-Healthy People

favicon WebMD
Sources | Medically Reviewed on 08/23/2016 Reviewed by Carol DerSarkissian on August 23, 2016 IMAGES PROVIDED BY: 1) Mizina / Thinkstock 2) Leonardo Patrizi / Getty Images 3) Wavebreakmedia / ...

Using Nutrition-Packed Dulse Flakes in Everything

Lately it seems I’ve been using nutrition-packed Dulse Flakes in everything I cook What – Dulse is some kind of sea vegetable they scrape off of low tide-exposed rocks in ...

Egg Whites Nutrition: High in Protein, Low in Everything Else

favicon Authority Nutrition
Eggs are loaded with a variety of beneficial nutrients. However, the nutritional value of an egg can vary greatly, depending on whether you eat the whole egg or just the ...

Brown Butter Snickerdoodle Cookies {Gluten Free Holiday Baking}

favicon Cotter Crunch
Gluten free Holiday Baking Season is upon us! These gluten free Brown Butter Snickerdoodles are a must make Christmas cookie. Simple to make, egg free, and made with real ingredients.

Yoga BLISS At Powerflow Yoga

favicon Acktive Life
I LOVE going home to New Jersey anytime of year, but I especially enjoy it during the holidays! Our family is very traditional when it comes to Thanksgiving and Christmas ...

Oh She Glows 15 Best Vegan Cookie Recipes!

favicon Oh She Glows
Welcome to your holiday cookie headquarters! Can you believe it’s the last month of 2016? I’m having a hard time wrapping my mind around the entire year. This month is ...

Slideshow: Sneak Exercise Into Your Day

favicon WebMD
Sources | Medically Reviewed on 11/23/2016 Reviewed by Minesh Khatri, MD on November 23, 2016 IMAGES PROVIDED BY: 1) M_a_y_a / Thinkstock 2) Mike Watson Images / Thinkstock 3) endopack ...

Gingerbread Granola (Gluten Free, Oil Free) ~ Veggie Inspired

favicon Veggie Inspired
Gingerbread Granola – crunchy little clusters of holiday flavor. Perfect for breakfast, snack, or gift giving. Today is National Gingerbread Day! There is honestly a food holiday every day of ...

‘Nutrition Heretic’ Gary Taubes on Overcoming a Big, Fat Public Shaming

favicon The Vindicated
In July 2002, The New York Times Magazine published “What If It’s All Been a Big Fat Lie?,” a cover story by food journalist Gary Taubes arguing that the carbohydrates ...

Fresh study suggests saturated fat could be good for you

The data, published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, come from a randomised diet intervention study (known as the FATFUNC study) which tested how different diets containing high levels ...

Mindfulness and Sleep: Advice from Experts

favicon World of Psychology
This article is Part Three in a series, click to read Part One and Part Two.I am just a little bit obsessed with sleep. My own, my children’s and… well… ...

Social Media and Body Image: 4 Ways to Cultivate a Positive Body Image

favicon Love Life Surf
Balancing life, family and fitness - easy right? Not always! Get stories that inspire you to breathe deeply and make mindful choices by subscribing to my blog by email. I’m ...

Vegan Pasta Carbonara Recipe with the Best Shiitake Bacon

favicon Organic Authority
This vegan pasta carbonara recipe is the perfect dish to make on your next Italian night. With crispy shiitake bacon and fresh parsley, this creamy pasta is full of flavor.

Homemade Gluten Free Potato Bread {Grain Free}

favicon Cotter Crunch
Easy Homemade Gluten Free Potato Bread with onion and herbs! This grain free and gluten free potato bread is simple to make, healthy, and delicious! A great way to use ...

20 Proven Happiness Hacks That Will Improve Your Life

favicon Health Blog
Happiness can have many different meanings, depending on who you talk to. Each person has their own vision of happiness and what it means to be happy. Psychologists, for example,

23 healthy gift ideas for everyone on your list

Interested in gifting more purposeful gifts than socks? You've come to the right place. This list is full of healthy, useful gifts that will make your friends and family a ...

The Ultimate Vegan Gift Guide for Food Lovers

favicon Coach Debbie Runs
Do you have a vegetarian or vegan on your gift list? Stumped for what to get them? Here is a vegan gift guide that will help you find a present ...

Cranberry Sauce Quick Bread (Gluten-free, Vegan)

favicon Strength and Sunshine
Use up your favorite holiday sauce in this healthy quick bread recipe! This Cranberry Sauce Quick Bread uses homemade cranberry sauce and is gluten-free, vegan, allergy-free and perfect for breakfast,

The Interpersonal Neurobiology Behind Making Habits Stick

favicon Psych
Most of us walk around in this world in a trance with the delusional belief that we are only autonomous beings that are completely acting with free will. However, many ...

Beginner Yoga Poses to Perfect Your Practice

favicon Fitness Magazine
If you follow any fitspirational yogis on Instagram, you know that yoga is all about creating long, beautiful lines with your body. And if you've ever tried Vinyasa on your ...

The New Year, New You Workout Playlist

favicon POPSUGAR Fitness
11/29/16 11/29/16 This is your year! Don't take our word for it, take Family Force 5's. Kick off your New Year's resolutions and your new exercise regime with a fresh ...

Vegan Pear Parsnip Pie [gluten-free +nut-free]

favicon Healthy Helper
Juicy pears combine with spicy-sweet parsnips in the most unusual pie you’ve ever had! Vegan, gluten-free, and delightfully creamy, this pie will be your new seasonal favorite. Pears. The lowly,

These VS Angels Are Workout Buddies and Have a Joint Instagram Account to Prove It

favicon POPSUGAR Fitness
What’s Your Reaction? 0Reactions This 7-Minute Workout Helps Target Belly Fat and Build Muscle A Look at the Workouts of the 50+ Models Walking in the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show ...

6 Simple Ways to Boost Your Happiness

favicon Psychology Today
Recent research shows that we Americans tend to be an unhappy group. In fact, we lag far behind many other countries in terms of our general happiness. A Harris poll,

8 Gift Ideas To Supercharge Your Fitness

favicon Thrive Personal Fitness
You signed on for 6 months. In your determined brain you thought you’d have this fitness thing nailed by then and be off on your merry way. You figured you ...

Eat Your Fave Holiday Treats Without Gaining Weight

favicon Fitness Magazine
Give yourself some wiggle room. Breaking up with a food you love is a recipe for disaster. "Don't deny yourself certain things, like cupcakes or french fries; just limit the ...

Cat yoga: The mewest exercise trend

favicon CNN
A cat shelter near Atlanta hosts a yoga-with-felines class "Cat yoga is good for your soul," says the instructor (CNN)Lined up one by one behind a glass door, tiny black ...

5 Holiday-Themed Ways To Reduce Stress

favicon Medical Daily
Holidays can be a time of great stress — we spend a lot of time with family members we don’t necessarily get along with and we spend all of our ...

7 Habits to Save Your Productivity During the Holiday Madness

As wonderful as the holidays are, this season is anything but relaxing for most of us. It marks a time when most businesses have to go into hyper-drive to meet ...

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