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Not Sure Which Workout Format is Best For You? Try Asking Your Body.

favicon Erin's Inside Job
Listing all the specific details that make our bodies magical will likely be redundant to some and quickly illustrate my undue excitement over biological systems. Rather than talk about the ...

8 Fitness Instructors Share Their Favorite Workout Accessories

favicon Women's Health
If there's anyone who knows their workout gear, it's the people who use it day in and day out: fitness instructors. So we went to some top names in the ...

Weight Management Problems Continue to Climb in the US

Last year, an analysis revealed that more than half of the world's obese people congregate in 10 countries: United States, China, India, Russia, Brazil, Mexico, Egypt, Germany, Pakistan, and Indonesia.

21 Worthless Foods a Nutritionist Will Immediately Cut From Your Diet

You know, you know—that daily bagel and cream cheese habit will have to go if you want to eat healthier and lose weight. Same for mindless chips-munching on the couch.

Hypnosis Is The Best Thing That's Happened To My Body Image

favicon Refinery29
It forces you to get specific about the issue you want to address and really envision what success would look like. Something’s going on out there, right? On campus, students ...

A compassionate approach to exercise

favicon FitKnitChick
New here? I'd love to be your virtual fitness coach. Stay up to date on blog posts and get in on the tips and tricks I only share with my ...

Great Fitness Debate: Can you exercise too much?

A few weeks ago the Wall Street Journal published a piece titled “The Potential Cardiac Dangers of Extreme Exercise”, the article focused on a new, not-yet-published study suggesting that marathon ...

This diet study upends everything we thought we knew about ‘healthy’ food

favicon Washington Post
If you've ever tried out the latest diet fad only to find yourself gaining weight and feeling awful and wondered what you were doing wrong, scientists now have an explanation ...

Vegan Gluten Free Apple Crisp with Butternut Squash

favicon avocadopesto
Spice up a traditional gluten free apple crisp by making it vegan and healthier with the addition of butternut squash! Topped with a delicate crumble of oats, brown sugar, cocoa ...

Great Big Healthy Holiday Smoothie Roundup

favicon Eat, Spin, Run, Repeat
How was your weekend? Mine flew past in the blink of an eye, and I can’t quite believe it’s Monday already! I know many of you in the US have ...

Vegan No-Bake Chocolate-Pecan Pumpkin Cheesecake Minis

favicon She's Cookin' | from the heart
Cooking the Thanksgiving feast can be a challenge when you have special diets to consider. Don’t stress when, at the last minute, you learn one of your holiday guests is ...

8 scrumptious vegetarian and vegan recipes for a cruelty-free Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving used to be all about the turkey, but nowadays many families are realizing how much more fulfilling the most delicious holiday of the year can be without a dead ...

Autumn Dinner Loaf (vegan, gluten-free, oil-free)

Hey kids! First, thanks for all the enthusiasm about the Sweet Potato Chocolate Cake last week. I guess I’m not at all alone loving healthier dessert. And chocolate. đ˜€ Today ...

Sitting Meditation #MondayMusings

favicon Vidya Sury
Last Friday, in the middle of feeling rather awful, physically, I was forced to step out to visit the insurance office to sort something out. Now it isn’t as though ...

Make Time For Fitness Circuit Workout

favicon Jill Conyers
It’s the time of year. Life is suddenly busier. Schedules get fuller, demands get more urgent and our to-do lists get bigger and more overwhelming. As a result, we start ...

20 recipes for a vegan Thanksgiving buffet

favicon MNN - Mother Nature Network
Whether this is your first vegan Thanksgiving (or "Thanksliving" as it's also known) or simply the latest in a long line of animal-friendly celebrations, there are always new and exciting ...

Yoga vs. gym: Which workout makes you fitter?

favicon MNN - Mother Nature Network
Is your favorite workout the best workout? That's a question asked frequently by anyone who wants to get fit. Which exercise yields the best results? A new study put two ...

Chris Hemsworth Demonstrates How Not to Lose Weight

Australian actor Chris Hemsworth shocked fans this week when he tweeted a shirtless photo of himself that revealed drastic weight loss. The Thor-like brawn, flaxen hair, and megawatt smile that ...

Healthy Thanksgiving: Stuffed Acorn Squash

favicon // Real Solutions for Real Paren...
Looking for a few new choices to add to your menu for a healthy Thanksgiving table? Consider this easy Stuffed Acorn Squash made with mushrooms Minute® Multi-Grain Medley. There’s nothing ...

This Is The Root of Happiness In Your Brain

favicon PsyBlog
Happiness has two components which predict the size of this brain region. Japanese neuroscientist have made a step forward in understanding the neurology of happiness. They have found that happier ...

Crustless Mini Pumpkin Pies [vegan + gluten-free + fruit-sweetened] "€˘ Healthy Helper

favicon Healthy Helper
Crustless, personal pumpkin pies are the perfect healthy dessert to make for your family. Gluten-free, vegan, and no added sugar, these mini pies have all the flavor of regular pumpkin ...

Fitbit inspires you to get a move on with better exercise tracking and goals

favicon Digital Trends
If your Fitbit has been lying around gathering dust, here’s some motivation to strap it back on your wrist. Fitbit announced two new updates to the Fitbit Charge HR and ...

Secrets to Make Fitness Fun Anytime

favicon RunToTheFinish
Fitness is FUN or at least it should be. If you’re dreading every single workout, your run down, injured and totally stressed out then you’re doing it wrong. I know ...

30 Recipes For a Gluten-Free Thanksgiving

favicon A Dash of Megnut
It is seriously my dream to have a gluten-free Thanksgiving with all of my gluten-free friends where we all frolic and dance and be merry and happy and eat all ...

The 7 Sides You Need at Thanksgiving (And How to Make Them Healthy) — Fall Fest

favicon Healthy Eats - Food Network's Healthy Eating Blog
Is there anything more necessary than a generous scoop of mashed potatoes on Thanksgiving? A slice of hot buttered cornbread is nice, too. Some would even say it’s the green ...

Gluten-Free Grateful Thanksgiving, #Glutino

favicon The Ninja Baker
Thanksgiving – a mostly gluten-free one – came early this year. Close family gathered around the table. We said Grace. Each person then shared memories of my mother. Mom crossed ...

Healthy Chocolate Pumpkin Muffins

favicon The Dinner-Mom
Healthy Chocolate Pumpkin Muffins are made with whole grains, no oil, extra protein, lots of pumpkin and are absolutely irresistible!You’re going to want to make a double batch of this ...

How to Find or Make Dairy-Free and Vegan Whipped Cream

favicon Go Dairy Free
Q: Wendy – T’is the season for whipped cream. Is there any dairy-free whipped topping that I can buy at the store or do you know of a good recipe ...

The #1 Nutrition Rule I Live By: A Cardiologist Explains

favicon mindbodygreen
My brother Daniel died from an incurable disease when he was three. I was seven, and I remember wanting to throw stamps into his grave so he could write us.

Achieving Mindfulness In The Workplace

favicon Business 2 Community
The concept of mindfulness has become a big part of the recent workplace discussion, especially in regards to its effect on work/life balance. According to Dr. Jon Zabat-Kin, regarded by ...

Gluten-Free Sweet Potato Protein Bars

favicon The Lean Green Bean
This recipe for Gluten-Free Sweet Potato Protein Bars makes a healthy post-workout or afternoon snack! They can easily be made paleo and are grain-free.ÂMeet my new favorite protein bar. I’ve ...

5 Habits Of Genuinely Appreciative Leaders

favicon Fast Company
Grateful leaders have deep memories and grand ambitions, but they don't undervalue the present—even if it isn't perfect. "Well, the Internet was down for days and just came back up ...

Give the Gift of Fitness With These Workout Tools and Gadgets

favicon Vitals
Whether you’re hitting the gym, the trails, or the road, a few well-chosen accessories can make the difference between an okay workout and a really awesome one. Here are some ...

Low Fat Diets Do Not Work For Long Term Weight Loss: Harvard Research Reveals Why

favicon Tech Times
When it comes to long-term weight loss and management, fats go a long way. Harvard University researchers found low-fat diets flop in long-term weight management and recommended higher fat, lower ...

Diet soda: A key to weight loss?

Writing in the International Journal of Obesity, the researchers, two of whom have affiliations with the low energy sweetener industry, say low energy sweetener (or LES) diet drinks are surrounded ...

50+ Show-Stopping Gluten-Free Thanksgiving Desserts

favicon Only Taste Matters
Being gluten free does not mean you are limited in any way. So just put that nonsense out of your mind. The internet is filled with all kinds of recipes ...

Alternative Thanksgiving recipes, from gluten-free to vegan

favicon The Independent
Thanksgiving is an occasion centred around celebrating a feast shared between native Americans and pilgrims who had arrived in the New World from Plymouth in 1621. So food is therefore ...

There Really Is No 'One Size Fits All' Diet Plan, According To Study

favicon The Huffington Post
Have you ever followed your doctor’s weight loss nutrition plan to a T, only to stubbornly remain at the exact same weight -- or worse, gain weight? There’s a reason ...

The case for mindfulness and meditation at work

favicon Fast Company
Take a deep breath, let it out slowly, and be a better coworker. Some workers start their day at the office with a cup of coffee. Others start their day ...

Gluten-Free Thanksgiving Recipes

favicon Flourish - King Arthur Flour
Cooking for crowds can be an intimidating task. Throw in accommodating food allergies, and the task becomes even more daunting. For all of our gluten-free friends out there, don’t worry,

Pregnant Women Should Still Exercise, Doctors Say

Women worried that pregnancy is a time to sit still and be careful don’t need to worry, specialist doctors said Monday. In fact, they said, pregnant women need to get ...

How to avoid the winter workout rut

When the winter weather descends upon us, it’s easy to skimp on our workouts. And who can blame us? It’s colder. It gets darker earlier. We’re wearing more clothing than ...

De-Stress the Holidays With Yoga

favicon The Huffington Post
Featuring fresh takes and real-time analysis from HuffPost's signature lineup of contributors NBC On-Camera Lifestyle & Fitness Expert, Best selling Author, Model and Mom O'tis the holiday season-- the lights,

Chocolate Zucchini Bread (Gluten-free & Vegan) "€˘ The Fit Cookie

favicon The Fit Cookie
This moist zucchini quick bread has a light chocolate flavor that pairs well with the cinnamon and cloves. I remade one of our family recipes to make this Chocolate Zucchini ...

Want a Healthier Diet? Add Nuts

There are a slew of studies supporting the benefits of nuts in the diet, but since nuts are also high in calories, it can sometimes end up on the skip ...

The Family Meditation Session

favicon WSJ
Asking a child to sit still for meditation doesn’t sound like a recipe for easing stress. Yet more families are making a few shared minutes of quiet contemplation a part ...

Too Busy? Try These 7 Tips To Kickstart Your Meditation Routine

favicon Pick the Brain | Motivation and Self Improvement
Most of us have read about the benefits of starting a mindfulness meditation practice: less stress, more focus, decreased depression and anxiety… the list goes on. Yet, even though we ...

The search for happiness: Using MRI to find where happiness happens: Narrowing in on the neural structures behind happiness

favicon ScienceDaily
Exercising, meditating, scouring self-help books... we go out of our way to be happy, but do we really know what happiness is? Wataru Sato and his team at Kyoto University ...

Turkey Trot Treadmill Workout

favicon FitFluential
Thanksgiving Day is almost here! And of course it’s known for eating tons of food, but there’s another Thanksgiving Day tradition that we love and totally support. The Turkey Trot!

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